Treatment, Care and Support

To support people affected by HIV and other life limiting illnesses to lead healthy and productive lives and access appropriate treatment, care and support services.

  • Increasing access to treatment, care and support services for people affected by HIV & other life limiting illnesses
  • Reducing levels of HIV related stigma and discrimination for people infected and affected by HIV and other life limiting requiring terminal care
  • Improving the quality of life for people living with HIV and other life limiting illnesses

Securing Livelihoods

To strengthen the ability of disadvantaged people that we work with to take up productive livelihoods and opportunities that will contribute to their household income and the economies of their communities. The programme aim at:

  • Sustaining formal and informal education, vocational and life skills development for the OVC, people living with HIV/AIDS and other groups affected by HIV and AIDS
  • Improving economic empowerment and livelihoods of households and communities affected by HIV.AIDS and other life limiting illnesses
  • Better access to basic entitlements for OVCs PLWHAs and other life limiting illnesses.

Integrated Sexual Reproductive Health & HIV Services

To enhance the provision of a comprehensive range of essential HIV, sexual and reproductive health & rights services that aimed at:

  • Enhancing the knowledge of a comprehensive range of essential HIV and sexual reproductive health and rights services
  • Increasing demand and access to utilizations of quality HIV and STI prevention services especially for the young people and other vulnerable groups.
  • Reducing incidences of STI and HIV infections among young people married people and other groups at risks.

Education Training & Capacity Development

As a recognised leader in the implementation of the Home based care services, KICOSHEP has extensive expertise in training community based organisations, faith based organisations, support groups and community based workers and other non governmental organisations in palliative and home based care. KICOSHEP therefore plays an important role in supporting other agencies to gain more knowledge to implement home based care, palliative care and other HIV/AIDS interventions in the community.The main goal of this programme is to enhance the organization’s capacity to develop and deliver quality services to communities. Specifics objectives includes:

  • Strengthening capacity of other CBOs, support groups and other grass root organisations to improve service delivery.
  • Provisions of student internship and placement programme at KICOSHEP


Advocacy is an ongoing process aimed at changing attitudes, actions, policies and laws by influencing people and organisations with power , systems and structure for the betterment of peoples lives. The main goal of KICOSHEP advocacy programme is to advocate for and the communities responding to HIV and other life limiting illnesses at local national and international levels.

  • Having an establishment and supportive legal environment for the provision of services to people living with and affected with HIV and other life limiting illnesses.
  • Improving access to human rights education and information to the marginalised and vulnerable people in the communities
  • Strengthening implementation of policies and services for the marginalised communities affected by HIV and other life limiting illnesses.

Strengthen The Capacity Of Kicoshep

The goal of this programme is to improve KICOSHEP capacity to be able to design and deliver on its programme. The programme key objectives are:

  • To improve KICOSHEP board, staff community workers and volunteers capacity to deliver effective services to the community, CBOs and other agencies.
  • To improve the capacity of KICOSHEP for more effective and sustainable programming , resource mobilisation and utilisation
  • To strengthen communication, financial management and monitoring & evaluation systems for the organisation